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Some Appropriate Responses to the News That Invisible Children Co-Founder Jason Russell Was Arrested for Being Drunk and Masturbating in Public


1. Making a gift to a highly rated, respected, efficient charity that works in Uganda, like Save the Children.

2. Join the Kiva nerdfighters group and lend to entrepreneurs in Uganda, the DRC, and other nations affected by the LRA.

3. Remind yourself always to do some research before giving to any organization, like for instance by making a quick visit to charity navigator.

4. Remember that the masturbatory habits and/or substance abuse problems of cofounders of charities are not nearly as important as the work those charities do and the efficiency with which they do it. I, for one, am far more concerned that Ugandans seem generally disgusted with Kony 2012 movement than I am with this news.

5. Acknowledging that the LRA sucked 10 years ago, and sucks today, and will suck tomorrow, and that it remains our job to pay attention in a patient and sustained way to the world in which we find ourselves.

victim-blaming. ✔

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To people who were trying to argue from a reversed-roles angle on Glee, i.e. if Finn slapped Santana

Okay Tumblr, look, a man slapping a woman is never okay because men are generally capable of exerting more net physical force than women.  It isn’t to say that men’s muscles are different from women’s muscles, because it *has* been found that both can produce the same amount of strength.  What DOES differ is fat distribution, psychological perceptions of physical ability based on social influence (being told that you’re weaker/slower makes a difference), and the exercise regimes chosen to build muscle strength, among other things.  That said, stating that a man should never slap a woman isn’t a cry for Special Treatment because IN GENERAL any act of physical violence between the two sexes is fundamentally unequal, with the advantage always tipped towards men.

Aside from that, there are so many fucking gross implications of reversing the roles here.  If Finn had been a dick to Santana, making cracks about her weight and the like, and she responded by outing him, the balance of power would still be tipped in his favor.  As a conventionally attractive white male, the weight comment would be doubly gross because of how body image plays so heavily into the manipulation of women’s self-esteem and self-worth.  

As a white male, period, there’s a vast history of oppression and hate that went into forging the system that gives Finn power that Santana could never wield against him.  This is the same power that makes the very act of smacking a woman of color flat-out wrong.  It’s the power that reinforces the system of treating women of color as subhuman members of society who need to be subjugated by their white male “superiors” when they don’t toe the line.  The same system that tends to turn a blind eye to women who report instances of domestic abuse or rape.  The same system that ensures that, if Finn were gay, no one would question the legitimacy of his sexuality.  Not to mention the fact that he would probably be able to find a community in which he had a safe space without much difficulty, and Tumblr would welcome him with open arms because as a white dude he’s much more likely to be painted as a poor gay woobie.

…Whereas in either situation, Santana is apparently the unsympathetic Hispanic Bitch Who Had It Coming.

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France bans public Muslim prayers | The Australian

By Adam Sage, The Times

September 16, 2011

MUSLIMS will be banned from praying outdoors in France from today in the latest move by officials to remove Islam from the public sphere.

The ban, announced by the government yesterday, infuriated French Muslim leaders, one of whom accused President Sarkozy’s government of treating them like cattle.

They say that Muslims, who pray outdoors only because of a lack of space in mosques in France, feel stigmatised.

But Claude Gueant, the Interior Minister, said that the sight of hundreds of people gathering in the streets of Paris and other cities for Friday prayers was “shocking”.

It comes after laws to prohibit pupils from wearing headscarves in schools and women from wearing the niqab, the full Muslim veil, in public.

Mr Gueant described outlawing street prayers as the latest brick in the wall that is shoring up the secular nature of the French state. He said that he had nothing against Islam, but wanted it out of the public eye.

“Street prayers must stop because they hurt the feelings of many of our compatriots who are shocked by the occupation of the public space for a religious practice,” he said.

Police could be asked to arrest Muslims who continue to pray in the street, Mr Gueant warned, but officials will initially try to persuade them to move into a mosque.

Debate has focused on the Goutte d’Or district in northern Paris. Dozens and sometimes hundreds of Muslims pray in the surrounding streets.

Marine Le Pen, the leader of the National Front, was accused of racism when she said that the worship amounted to an “occupation” - a word that for many French is associated with the Nazi invasion during the Second World War.

But the government now appears to be on the same wavelength, with Mr Gueant agreeing that street prayers would “upset” his fellow countrymen.

He said that officials had made available a disused fire station in the Goutte d’Or with room for 2700 people for a rent of €30,000 ($A40,330) a year.

But Muslim leaders said that the site would be open to worshippers only on Fridays.

Mohamed Salah Hamza, imam at a mosque in the Goutte d’Or district, said: “We are not cattle. Our demands have not entirely been satisfied.”

He said that he feared worshippers would continue to pray outside.

“I am in an uncomfortable position and I am afraid there will be a climate of anarchy,” he said.


Image: French Muslim pray in the street outside an overcrowded mosque in Paris. (Exploring Islam in Paris: Pt 1 | Life and a Lens)

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You are kind. You are smart. You are important.

Go see this brilliant film. Now.

If by “brilliant film” you mean “piss-poor narrative that co-opts the suffering of black maids for the benefit of the white protagonist.”

Go see it if you’d like to see one of the many gross ways in which Hollywood continues to feed Americans’ inability to address its racial issues both past and present.

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and who the fuck would pay $18 for this?

Openly weeping.

I would legitimately punch anyone in the throat if I saw them wearing this product in real life. 

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On Pageants and Privilege

I was going to sit on my hands about this but the more I hear my sister talk about what she’s experienced this past week, the more disgusted and angry I get.  

Yesterday I went to watch her compete in a state-level scholarship competition that supposedly evaluates each contestant and selects a winner on the basis of their scholastic merit, communication skills, personal presentation, and physical fitness.  To clarify: I’m not butthurt that she didn’t win.  I’m tremendously proud of her and how she performed, but the competition was tough and she hasn’t had a lot of time to prepare for it.

That said, I’m livid over the revelation that the girl who won apparently has connections to the people in charge of the program.  That she has zero academic accomplishments listed under her profile in the program booklet and yet still won a scholarship competition.  That she’s homeschooled so that she can more or less devote her time to being a professional pageant girl.  That that probably means she had professional coaching.  Whereas my sister goes to public school, participates in marching band and academic clubs, and takes classes like Calculus and Biology from the local university — and clearly doesn’t have the time or resources to do the same.

I hate that this girl comes from an affluent community in which 88% of the population is white — a county that easily pooled together $500 for her to go dress shopping.  And that she obviously looked down her nose at my sister, who bought her own dress on clearance with her own money for less than $20.

I hate that, even though the program’s supposed to promote community service, this Pageant Girl expressed outright disdain for the people and the goods donated to the local thrift store where all of the contestants did volunteer work for a day last week.  I hate that my sister only heard her disparaging comments because this girl thought of her as a non-entity, someone who doesn’t matter and who didn’t pose any real threat, competitively or otherwise.  

I fucking hate that this girl — who put on a cheery face for all of the other white competitors and gave my sister, the only Asian, the cold shoulder all week — was chosen to represent our state on a national level.

I despise the fact that she sang "Breathe" from the musical In the Heights and truncated the lyrics to specifically remove all of the lyrics containing any Spanish.  And kept a mindless Pageant Smile plastered on her face during the entire song despite the fact that she was singing about financial hardship, about being the first in her family to go to college, about having to go home and face disappointment from her loved ones because she’s failed to live up to their expectations.

I am still reeling from the fact that, despite her obvious lack of comprehension, the judges gave her a talent award for her performance of that song.  Five judges, out of whom one was a black man and the rest were — drumroll please — wealthy white people.

Also, I’m still seething over this girl’s obvious status as the choreographer’s pet, which gave her a place up front and center of the stage for every single group number, while my sister, the two black girls, and the one Hispanic girl were all placed as far off to the side as possible — nearly in the wings — even though they’re petite (well, scratch that, especially because they’re petite) and the judges wouldn’t be able to see them at all from their seats.

I hate that most of the other girls came with what they had and put up a fair fight.  While this girl?  Clearly didn’t have to fight at all.

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Just to clarify:


Supernatural, which was already steeped in misogynistic bullshit and had developed a penchant for killing off every female or black character, actually featured a clip of a black female character being blown up in its Comic-Con preview of this upcoming season?  Is that what I just watched?

ETA: LOL looks like someone’s already unfollowed me for this post. *kanyeshrug*

That sounds like Raphael from the end of last season. After his (black) male vessel was turned to salt, they blew up his new female vessel. Also… um… Rufus was killed the last season too. No prominent black character has survived in the show so far. 

Just to clarify:

Supernatural, which was already steeped in misogynistic bullshit and had developed a penchant for killing off every female or black character, actually featured a clip of a black female character being blown up in its Comic-Con preview of this upcoming season?  Is that what I just watched?

ETA: LOL looks like someone’s already unfollowed me for this post. *kanyeshrug*

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Gmail just showed me an ad for a service that can hook me up with a “Pretty Oriental Lady” with whom I can “share romance.”

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Saturday Night Live 36x12

When you talk about guns you always hear a lot about the Second Amendment and the Founding Fathers, and what they would say if they were here. Well, I for one think that if the Founding Fathers were here today, they would be super freaked out by cars. You can talk to them all you want about the Second Amendment, and they would just yell, ‘What are all these metal beasts doing rolling down the thoroughfare?’ And you’d tell them, ‘Those are cars’. And then you’d try to talk to them about militias and they would scream, ‘How can you speak of militias when steel dragons fly through the sky?’ And you’d say, ‘Those are airplanes.’ But even if they could wrap their heads around that they would eventually ask, ‘Why are all the slaves out?’ And they would think that. You can groan all you want, but they would think that.

And yes, the Founding Fathers wanted you to have the right to bear arms, but the guys who wrote that would pee through all eight layers of their pants if they saw what guns are now. In 1787 shooting a bullet was slightly faster than throwing one. If you wanted to be bulletproof in 1787 you put on a heavy coat. So with that in mind, I’m all about Americans having guns as long as they’re the muskets from 1787 that take forever to load.”

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UGH. EW. UGH. EW. Kate, you were newly already on my “MEH” list and now this makes me more “MEH” towards you. Also Christoph. UGH. UGH. PLEASE SAY YOU’RE TAKING HIM TO THE TRASH TO THROW HIM OUT. 

Wow. They’ve all lost my respect.

Come on, guys! It’s a new party game! Pass The Ex-Pat Pedophiliac Rapist Who Fled Justice But Is ~SUCH A GOOD DIRECTOR He Should Be Saved From Paying For His Crimes! YAY!

Yep, all respect for everyone in this photo is GONE.